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Dr Sarah Lowery
Veterinary behaviourist

Treatment and prevention of dog and cat behavioural problems in Norfolk.


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Dr Lowery


“Having worked as a vet in general practice for over fourteen years, I believe that behavioural medicine is one of the most important parts of your pet's health. Behaviour is not separate from health, it is an expression of health”

Dr Sarah Lowery BSc BVetMed MSc MRCVS CCAB

At the Pet Behaviour Practice, Dr Lowery provides a holistic approach to your pet's health focused on their mental well-being.

Qualifications and memberships:

Accredited Certified Clinical Animal Behaviourist (CCAB)

Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons accredited Advanced Practitioner Companion Animal Behaviour

Registered Veterinary Behaviourist with Animal Behaviour and Training Council (ABTC)

Registered Clinical Animal Behaviourist with Animal Behaviour and Training Council (ABTC)

Certified Member of the Fellowship of Animal Behaviour Clinicians (FABC)

Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine, Royal Veterinary college

Bachelor of Psychology, University College London

Masters of Clinical Animal Behaviour, University of Lincoln

Sarah graduated as a vet from the Royal Veterinary College in 2006. After working in small animal practice for many years in 2017 she established the Pet Behaviour Practice to provide the dedicated behaviour care she saw her patients and their caregivers needed. Sarah’s approach is based on current scientific research and uses ethically sound methods at all times.  The use of outdated, aversive and dominance methods are still rife in the field of pet behaviour. These methods are not only unpleasant but are likely to worsen your pet's issues. Sarah prides herself on keeping up-to-date and maintaining affiliations with recognised pet behavioural association you can trust.

As a vet Sarah is able to offer unique insight into your pet's behavioural health and work directly with your primary veterinarian if your pet's physical health is affecting their behaviour or if medication is needed. With her knowledge of training and learning theory, Sarah can work with your dog trainer to ensure long-term improvement in your dog.

Sarah is based in Norwich with her family of one cat, two dogs, two children and a husband! She is the Principal vet and director at the Pet Behaviour Practice.

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Happy Dog

Steph and Chris, South Walsham

We found our time with Dr Lowery very beneficial. She gave us lots of advice on how to help our dog with his reactivity. We have noticed a great improvement in his behaviour and will carry on with her training techniques.


Julie and Peter, Norfolk

 We highly recommend Sarah Lowery for helping with pet behaviour issues. She helped us get on track with our 7/8month old cocker spaniel. She is a highly skilled pet behaviourist and this is evident in her success with owners and their pets. Thank you Sarah.

Dog Portrait

Denise, Norwich

We found it very helpful! Arthur seems a much happier dog and he has improved so much! .




The assessment process involves an in depth analysis of the problem, development of a treatment plan and practical training. This is a three month package.

Before we meet, this starts for me with a review of your pet's history from your vet, your pre- consultation questionnaire and any videos you have sent.


The assessment consultation is a home visit lasting at least two hours where I can observe your pet directly (online consultations available on request). This session is about making the correct diagnosis and understanding your pet, their family and their environment in order to make a treatment plan which will work for them as an individual. This part of the process is vital and is not about giving you quick fixes.

After the consultation you will receive a detailed written assessment and treatment plan for your pet.  Your primary vet will also receive a report and I will discuss any further medical workup needed with them. If I prescribe your pet medication I will do this via your primary vet practice.

You will receive three months email support following the assessment and up to two hours follow up consultations in that 3 month period as part of your initial assessment package (usually 2 x 1hour visits). During this time I am aiming to set you up to be able to continue making lifelong changes in your pet's behaviour. 

Behaviour Assessment three month package:       £600 + travel*

Additional Follow-up consultation:                                 £100/hour + travel *

* travel is 0.45p/mile from NR4 per visit                                                      Area covered 45minutes from Norwich NR4 or online

Please note assessment consultations usually take place on a Tuesday. Follow up sessions on a Thursday.

To book a consultation you will need a referral from your primary vet. Your vet can find a referral form and information on the vets page. You will also need to complete and return the pre-consultation questionnaire (see contacts page). Once the forms have been received you will be contacted to book the assessment.  

Payment and Insurance:

Consultations are invoiced and due on day of visit. Payment by BACs (preferred), cheque or cash. Many pet insurance companies will now cover behaviour problem if treated by a vet or CCAB (we are both). Please check your individual policy. Let us know if you will be making a claim on booking and we can assist your claim. Please pay the practice directly before making your claim; direct claims cannot be accepted. There is an insurance administration fee of £15. All prices include VAT


Please give at least 2 weeks notice of cancellation/change of assessment and one week for follow up sessions. Cancellation within that period will incur 10% cancellation fee.



To book a consultation your pet will need a referral from your GP vet. Please ask them to complete the referral form and give permission to share clinical history with us.
Once this form is received you will be contacted to organise a consultation.
We will also need you to complete our pre-consultation questionnaire to complete the booking.

Tel: 01603 762 002

AVAILABILITY: currently booking new patients OCTOBER 2024

For any further questions please use the form below.

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