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Dr Sarah Lowery


Veterinary behaviourist

Treatment and prevention of dog and cat behavioural problems in East Anglia from a qualified vet.


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Dr Lowery




The assessment consultation involves an in depth analysis of the problem, development of a treatment plan and practical training. These are home visits lasting at least two hours where I can observe your pet directly and answer all your questions. Online consultations are also available on request.  



After the consultation you will receive an individual behavioural modification plan for your pet.  I aim to set you up with the skills you need to make life long change in your pet's behaviour. I will also send a report to your vet so they are up to date with the behavioural plan. As a vet myself I can discuss and advise your vet if any medication or health checks are needed.

Behaviour change takes time. I am passionate about offering you support after the consultations. You will receive three months phone/email advice following the assessment to ensure your pet is making the progress they need.  Follow-up training sessions can be booked at a reduced price.  

Behaviour Consultation:                               2 hours              £250 + travel*

Follow up/training consultation:                per hour           £50 + travel *

* travel is 0.45p/mile from NR4. All prices include VAT. Consults are invoiced on day of visit. Payment by BACs, cheque or cash

To organise a consultation please return the pre-consultation questionnaire (see contacts page) and ask your vet to complete and return the referral form (see Vets page)


 If your pet is insured please check with your insurance company if they are covered for behavioural problems when treated by a Vet. Bring your paperwork and I will help you to fill this out. Whilst you are more likely to be covered by for treatment from a registered vet practice, please be aware that certain policies exclude all behavioural problems. 


The skills we teach our puppies shape the dogs they later become. I can help you teach your puppy the life skills they need to be resilient, confident, polite and happy members of their new human family. I strongly believe this can help prevent behaviour problems in later life.

These are targeted hour sessions to deal with specific questions you have about your puppy and also give you an overview of my approach to bringing up a puppy. 


Puppy clinic:                                          per hour                   £75 + travel*

“Having worked as a vet in general practice for over fourteen years, I believe that behavioural medicine is one of the most important parts of your pet's health. Behaviour is not separate from health, it is an expression of health”

Dr Sarah Lowery BSc BVetMed MSc MRCVS

At the Pet Behaviour Practice, Dr Lowery provides a holistic approach to your pet's health focused on their mental well-being.


Sarah graduated with a Veterinary degree from the Royal Veterinary College and Psychology degree from University College London in 2006. In 2017 she established the Pet Behaviour Practice to provide the veterinary attention and support she saw her behavioural patients and their caregivers needed.  She has a prestigious distinction level Masters degree at in Clinical Animal Behaviour from Lincoln University. She is pre-certified as a Clinical Animal Behaviourist by the ASAB and a candidate member of the Fellowship of Animal Behaviour clinicians (FABC)

Sarah’s approach is based on current scientific research and uses ethically sound methods at all times.  The use of outdated, aversive and dominance methods are still rife in the field of pet behaviour. These methods are not only unpleasant but are likely to worsen your pet's issues. Sarah prides herself on keeping up-to-date and maintaining affiliations with recognised pet behavioural association you can trust.

As a vet Sarah is able to offer unique insight into your pet's behavioural health and work directly with your primary veterinarian if your pet's physical health is affecting their behaviour or if medication is needed. With her knowledge of training and learning theory, Sarah can work with your dog trainer to ensure long-term improvement in your dog.

Sarah is based in Norwich with her family of one cat, three dogs, two children and a husband! She is the Principal vet at the Pet Behaviour Practice whilst still regularly practising as a vet in general practice.


​Email: sarah@petbehaviourpractice.co.uk
Tel:  07899 912 193
To book a consultation please complete and return the questionnaire below via email. Feel free to add any additional information, photos or videos of the problem. You will also need to ask your vet to complete the referral form if they have not already done so (see vets pages). 

For any further questions please use the form below or phone directly.

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