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Training videos

Settle for territorial behaviours

Settle is a long and relaxed stay. Here I work through the stages of "settle" for desensitising dogs to triggers of territorial behaviour.

Watch cue

"Watch" is a great way to redirect your dogs attention and get them to focus on you. I often use it for dogs who are reactive outside but it's uses are endless

Loose Lead Walking

Although general obedience is not really my role as a veterinary behaviourist, I find myself coming back more and more to the foundation skills which can build (or break) your communication and bond with your dog. Lead walking is one of them. I see so many brilliant owners who would never knowingly hurt their dog but who end up in a tug of war on their neck when walking. It doesn't have to be that way, but be under no illusions- it is not quick. Consistency is key. Letting them pull sometimes will actually reinforce the pulling more. 

I hope this explains the basics. Signing up to a training class which uses no positive punishment is always encouraged and I am delighted to work with your trainer if you have one.

Touch cue

Touch is teaching your dog to target your hand with their nose. This can be used to move your dog or redirect their attention in a positive way.

Leave it cue for objects

This is for dogs who have been taught to leave food (with positive methods- I can advise) and now need to generalise this to other objects 

Bucket game for handling

Click the button for a video of using the "Bucket Game" to vaccinate a dog. This is an example of cooperative care handling, where the animal gets to choose to opt in or opt out of handling. It can be used for grooming, nail clipping, ear drop application.. the possibilities are endless.

The second video is not a perfect example (not helped by the cat getting involved!) as she shows some stressed behaviours when injected (shake off, stand up) but a real life example as the stress is low and we end on a positive with her still wanting to play the game.

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